So, How’s That Tea Party “Alliance” Working Now?

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So, Johnny Cry-Boehner has a sad about the sequester, telling anyone who’ll listen what a sorry idea it is. But aren’t the Redumbs all about starving the beast, drowning it in the tub, shrinking it to irrelevance, etc., because, you know, “government BAD,” as St. Ronaldus himself would say? Shouldn’t Boehner et al embrace the sequester, and demand it be followed by more cuts?

Or…do they know, as anyone reading First Draft does, that “small government” has never been anything other than racist dog whistle, at Lee Atwater at least admitted before shaking loose his mortal coil. Dog whistle…

But some dogs are Border Collies, and others…aren’t. And the ones who aren’t are now the political equivalent of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster on the loose. Their grand contribution to the national discourse, thus far, has been to force the United States to lurch from one manufactured economic crisis to the next (while still dealing with both a war AND a REAL economic crisis)…their idea of a political paradise is rooted in a simplistic understanding of the late 18th century — a century that lacked, oh, I don’t know, electricity, running water, modern finance, not to mention a regulatory regime that keeps hazardous and/or nuclear materials reasonably safe in use, storage, and transit.

No wonder they love guns so much: in their “paradise,” that’s about all you have besides farm labor…

2 thoughts on “So, How’s That Tea Party “Alliance” Working Now?

  1. As I mentioned on another thread, the sequester was passed by the repubs. Zero dems in the House voted for it. After being passed, certain extreme republicans bragged about being responsible for it.
    Now, somehow the dems are the responsible party?
    Plus, even for those in the upper 1 %, the upcoming fiscal cliff round 2 is almost guaranteed to hurt the economy in the short term – especially investments / stocks / … They will stab themselves for the pleasure of saying the dems stabbed them.

  2. Ah. well, you know how this works. If everything comes crashing down again, they get to blame it on Obama. Then they’ll use it to impeach him, or make the next few years miserable for him, or run on it in 2016, or all three.
    They don’t give a fuck about consequences if they think they can turn them to their advantage.
    And it’s passing strange that Obama either can’t or won’t see that.

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