Aging well is a crime?

There’s an anonymous blog up called <ominous drum roll>the Real Wendy Davis. It purports to rip the mask off the “left’s new feminist superhero” but is merely an example of the blogger’s shallow imbecility. Actually, he’s (it’s gotta be a he) deeply shallow because he’s obsessed with Senator Davis’ looks and concludes that her current appearance must be the result of PLASTIC SURGERY. Woe is me bop.

I gotta say this is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Some people age well, and some do not. Some get plastic surgery and/or dye their hair and some do not. The best thing Ms. Davis did with her appearance was to lose the 80’s perm but who fucking cares? Rick Perry’s stiff coiff looks dyed to me but since he’s a man nobody notices.

There’s been a lot of shallow commentary about Wendy Davis, comparing her to fictional characters that have nothing to with anything in the real world other than exposing the ignorance of even people who think she rocks. Wendy Davis is nothing like Daenerys of GOT, especially as portrayed by Emilia Clarke. She has MORE THAN ONE FACIAL EXPRESSION and doesn’t have any dragons at all that we know of.

Obviously, lots of people have swallowed the preposterous myth that feminists are unattractive and even witch-like creatures. It’s a ridiculous notion, but people are stupid. There, I said it. Me, I’d rather compare Wendy Davis to the great Ann Richards who was the last Democratic Governor of Texas. She was whip smart, tough, and funny. She was also a real person who was, alas, slayed by the W dragon in 1994. Here’s hoping that Ms. Davis will keep on kicking ass and setting Rick Perry’s hair ablaze with her incendiary rhetoric. Okay, I’ve exhausted all the fire imagery, so it’s time to stop.

That is all.

Hat tip: Amanda Marcotte at Slate.

4 thoughts on “Aging well is a crime?

  1. I’m sure that there’s enough flammable chemicals in Perry’s hair that he should always wear a “No Smoking” sign and carry a fire extinguisher.
    But he’s a Texan, so there has to be a massive explosion leveling a grade school full of kids before anything will be done.

  2. Um, NOT ALL TEXANS are backwards-ass-uptight-dickwad-conservatards a la Perry, but thank you very much for the sweeping generalization.

  3. Oh my god, a female public figure might have altered her appearance to conform to the (unrealistic) beauty standards our culture requires of female public figures! Horrors! Stone the crows! Say it ain’t so, Joe!
    Holy Moses, do these people ever actually listen to themselves?

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