Fuck Yeah, Scott Walker (No Really)

That may be the only time you ever hear me say that:

In another planned veto, Walker will allow the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism to remain on the UW-Madison campus. Lawmakers had added a provision to boot the center from Vilas Hall and bar university staff from collaborating with it.

They declined to say which lawmaker was behind the idea, but said they believed the center had a left-leaning bias and they believed journalists should not rely on state subsidies. Critics called it an assault on journalistic independence and said it appeared to be payback for their stories, including one breaking the news about a physical altercation between two state Supreme Court justices.

Walker said arrangements between the university and private groups should be addressed by the UW Board of Regents, not lawmakers in the state budget.

“If there’s going to be a policy about those sorts of shared agreements or shared arrangements, that should be set by the regents and it shouldn’t be set specific to just this particular program,” Walker said.

I don’t know what pod alien thing has replaced him momentarily, but I am glad that in this particular instance he has removed his head from his colon and done the right thing.

Let that be a lesson to whatever backwards-ass fuckstick in the Senate got this idea in his head. You are officially too petty, vindictive and stupid for SCOTT WALKER. If you had a soul, I’m sure that would be disturbing to you.


2 thoughts on “Fuck Yeah, Scott Walker (No Really)

  1. This whole thing, from the mysteriously inserted legislation to the proudly announced veto was choreographed so Wanker would have something to point to establishing his ‘moderate’ credentials when the time comes. He and his handlers are smart enough to know he can’t appear to be a frothing loon a la Bachmann.

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