New York Attorney General Spanks Goodell

I love it when someone kicks some Goodell ass:

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is calling on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to investigateallegations that league hopefuls were asked about their sexual orientation during the league’s Scouting Combine.

In aletter to the chairman, Schneiderman reminded Goodell that it’s not just bad manners to ask a player if he’s gay — it’s illegal:

ask that the league immediately issue a statement that any form of
discrimination or harassment on the basis of sexual orientation by
league teams or players against potential recruits or players
constitutes a violation of state, local and, in some cases, contractor
law and will not be tolerated.”

The letter comes on the heels of Colorado tight end Nick Kasa’s allegations that he was asked by scouts if he “liked girls.”

ask you like, ‘Do you have a girlfriend? Are you married? Do you like
girls?'” Kasa said in an interview with ESPN Radio Denver. “Those kinds
of things, and you know it was just kind of weird. But they would ask
you with a straight face, and it’s a pretty weird experience

How old are these guys? Twelve? I can hear the snickering and towel snapping in the background.

In the end, however, this post is a pretext/ruse/excuse to post this bumpersticker handed out by the Krewe of Spank (my krewe) during the 2013 Krewe du Vieux parade: