6 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. Well then. Riot obviously thinks its *his* hat and you silly hoomans are just being a little thick about it! My cats are the same way, although none are small enough to fit in Mr. L’s hats.
    Hope little Riot is doing better.

  2. He’s holding his own. Usually by now they have to go on higher and higher doses of medication, but it seems like his pancreatic cancer is being kept in check. It’s been like two years and he’s doing really well. His adrenal disease is getting worse, though, so we may have to explore other treatments for that. There are injections and implants you can get, but they’re hella expensive and I don’t know if I trust the current vet on whether they’ll help at this stage or not.
    Life-wise, he’s great, jumping around, chasing Claire and Bucky, eating like a furry pig. The vet wants to see his weight up some but as long as he’s happy I’m happy.

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