Malaka Of The Week: Google

It’s institutional malakatude week here at First Draft. This has nothing to do with Google’s desire to conquer the cyber world, that’s what big ass tech corporations do. I have a more specific lament: they’re 86-ing Google Reader effective July 1. I’ve used it for years and really like it so I’m pissed.

Do any of you lot have any suggestions as to what a poor boy can do to replace this service?

I’ll let Split Enz have the finally word. Why? Why the hell not?

14 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: Google

  1. The best thing about Reader is its simplicity (and the fact that it works seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices). I fear whatever I replace it with is going to be full of needlessly complicating gewgaws (and ads).

  2. I checked out NetVibes this morning. Pretty, but I really can’t stand the layout and page structure they use. I’ve been trying to test Old Reader all day, but they’re servers are apparently swamped, so they won’t allow me to import my feed list from Google Reader. I manually added a couple of feeds, and I do like the layout.

  3. I’m really, really pissed about this too. Pre-Google Reader I used Bloglines so I just went over there to check it out again. All the blogs I used to read back in the day appear to be still on my account. I guess I’ll use that venue again.

  4. Just found this article & it says “Now, Feedly has always integrated with Google Reader. Feedly announced today that they have a transition plan for everyone who is currently on Google Reader. Once Google turns off Reader, there’s a solution in place and Feedly users will never know the difference. All their Reader stuff will still be there.”
    I think I’ll try it. Link:

  5. I tried Feedly today and loathed it. And none of the other alternatives I’ve come across are appealing. Blech! I read RSS feeds on two computers and two mobile devices, and I hope to hell someone comes up with something better before July. (And I’d be happy to pay a modest subscription/software price – I write code and prefer to be paid for it.)

  6. Why is it so damn hard to do the simple thing? All of the alternatives gush about how “beautiful” the interface looks (particularly on mobile device versions). You know what I don’t want when reading my RSS feeds? Pinterest. You know wha else I don’t want? Flipboard. If I wanted any of those that’s what I’d get. I want simple text, in my simple folders, with an option to read off line and I don’t want to “socialize” while I do it. How hard can this possibly be?
    I use Feeddler right now and they say they’ll come up with an alternative. I hope to goddess they do because so far I don’t like what I see when it comes to alternatives. And yes, I will pay for a subscription/buy an app if someone will please make this happen without having to revert to ridiculous suggestions like Twitter or Facebook or email. *sigh* i agree malaka for sure!

  7. I know this sounds horribly old-fashioned, but I have been using Yahoo for an aggregator for serveral years. I used to use Bloglines, but a few years ago they threatened to stop because RSS was so “old”. I panicked, and then I found that Yahoo could handle RSS as well it’s own stuff.
    It handles RSS feeds nicely, and you can set the options for each section, and it’s multi-tabbed to organize.
    Just a thought

  8. I signed up for Feedly right after my last comment. I like it. Everything from my Google Reader synced immediately and I’m actually reading from it now instead of GR. However, I’m very much a visual person so the snap shot layout appeals to me over the simple text folder view. I find it very user friendly. JMO. Unless something changes, it’s a keeper for me.

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