Malaka Of The Week: Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier

Wilfrid Fox Napier sounds like he should be a Tory MP, a rural Anglican vicar or a nob tormented by Hyacinth Bucket. Instead, he’s the Archbishop of Durban in South African. He’s also a slam dunk choice as an early malaka of the week “winner.” The Cardinal put his slippered foot in his mouth and told the world that “pedophilia is not a criminal condition, it’s an illness.” The most depressing part of this malakatude is that the Cardinal is typical of the Catholic hiearchy’s views on this matter.

Cardinal WFN (or do y’all prefer WiFoNap?) has already issued a series of non-apology apology tweets that are laced with weasel words:

“It’s the supreme irony. Because I raised the issue of the abused
abuser, I stand accused of insensitivity to the sufferings of the

“My concern: How can society deal justly, fairly &
equitably with the abused, who has suffered incalculable damage, then
goes on to abuse?

“Do the Church & society not have to
consider the damage he suffered when deciding what to do? Or does the
abused abuser lose all his rights?

“My response: Such abuser
should receive treatment to make good the damage done to him? In prison
or out of it, that’s for experts to decide.

“I believe as every
dictionary consulted confirms Paedophilia is a medical condition. What
is a crime is the sexual abuse of children.

“Therefore Paedophilia must be treated. What must be punished is the Crime of Sexual Abuse of Children.

If the Church had not spent decades hiding pedo priests from public view and denying the problem, the Cardinal’s position could be *theoretically* defensible. But after all the Lowes and Mahonys, the cult of the red beanie is totally discredited on this issue. Cardinal WiFoNap should bite his ecclesiastical tongue and STFU. He sounds like just another cleric who thinks that Priests are superior to the rest of us mere mortals albeit one who’s all modern and shit because he’s on the tweeter tube.

I realize that Cardinals are in the forgiveness business BUT equating priest “abused/abusers” with their victims is arrogant rubbish. I thought humility was in vogue with the ascension of Francis to the papacy? I guess Cardinal WiFoNap didn’t get the talking points or something. Check your in-box next time, dude.

One thought on “Malaka Of The Week: Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier

  1. “Therefore Paedophilia must be treated. What must be punished is the Crime of Sexual Abuse of Children.”
    Unless of course the pedophile is a Priest in which case the crime must be covered up and the illness left untreated and the perp provided with opportunities to reoffend over and over again.
    Keep digging asshats.

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