6 thoughts on “How do I sign up?

  1. This has to be a hoax. Nobody still does a list like this.
    Debbie Reynolds and Mary Tyler Moore on any list not called “still alive” must be a joke. Just kidding, ladies.

  2. I love that Chaka Khan is on it.
    Hey, back off MTM. She’s still kicking more ass before breakfast than I do all day long. 🙂

  3. Enemies List. How McCarthy-ish ! Even if in my experience the folks screaming “commies” are more likely to be NRA supporters.
    What I really find interesting is that with the news of the last few days they would know when it isn’t a good time to press their point (school-bus driver killed and child being held in a bunker in AL, child in NM chooses gun from parents’ arsenal and kills them, AZ workder going ballistic on co-workers, Prosecutor in TX killed, etc. – not to mention that TX and AZ are states with stereotypical high rates of people packing and AL bus driver apparently knew and stopped for individual; in short, having more guns around didn’t protect them).
    Instead they seem to be reacting like an unstable person whose beliefs are challenged, so they push all the harder without conception of how their message will “play.” And pushing with dated and inappropriate material.

  4. Nah, nah, you guys are going about this all wrong. what you need to do is add the Sons of Confederate Veterans to the list and recirculate it.

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