Fuck Everything Forever Today

I just ate half a bag of chocolate chips I AM NOT EVEN SORRY.

Lyndon Johnson called, and he said he left his everything at your mom’s, so when you get done hawking $20 blowjobs out of the back of his Buick, do you think you could swing by and bring him his pants?

Democratic Sens. Mark Pryor (AK), Max Baucus (MT), Mark Begich (AK) and Heidi Heitkamp (ND)voted against the amendment. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) also voted against the amendment so that Democrats could bring the bill up again.

And okay, in a just world we wouldn’t need those four fucksticks anyway given the backwards-ass human shitstains they act like whenever things get rough, but let me ask, don’t the four of you and you, Harry, get sick of gettingyour lunch money taken and your homework torn up and your dog kicked all the fucking time forever? I mean doesn’t it get old?

Don’t you ever get tired of being owned?Even Joe Biden is embarrassed for you:


And he spends his days trying not to make lewd remarks to the national women’s lacrosse championship team and waxing his Corvette. Joe Biden, who once felt up a biker chick in a diner in full view of 3,000 cameras BECAUSE, he’d rather not be subjected to your behavior anymore. That’s how low you’ve sunk.

McCain, Toomey, Kirk and Collins joined the Democrats in voting yes, though McCain made sure not to come out for it until after there was no point anyway. Obama has to be used to that by now.

I feel like we keep hitting peak crazy and THINGS KEEP GETTING CRAZIER.


4 thoughts on “Fuck Everything Forever Today

  1. I completely agree,A, just too beat to chime in with a post. I’m proud of Obama for his righteous indignation and of my Senator, Mary Landrieu, for voting aye.

  2. This isn’t meant as mean as it sounds, but surely you didn’t think that just because 20 little first graders got skull-popped that would somehow translate into the bought-and-paid-for minions of the Merchants of Death suddenly finding their hearts?
    This is going to be a long battle. Loins need to be girded. Right now the unassailable Beltway wisdom is that the NRA is invincible. We take down one or two of these mealy-mouthed motherfuckers in 2014 and consign them to political oblivion, some of the rest of them might get the message that things are going to be different in the 21st Century United States.
    Volunteer. Donate. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Talk to your enemies. Talk to anyone who will listen *and vote* in 2014. Make this count, and leave a mark that the NRA won’t soon forget.

  3. This loss will enhance the reputation of the NRA. Here we had a HIGHLY emotional situation that under-pinned the effort for at least a minimal step forward in controlling gun violence. The atmosphere could not have been more favorable with national polling showing overwhelming support among the populace for the measure. Yet it still failed. The NRA didn’t have to convince anyone outside of a few senators who were at risk for political defeat if they voted for the bill. The field they had to cover was narrow and well within their capability to exploit.
    In today’s world politics is not about knowing right from wrong or even something as simple as doing the right thing because the greater majority supports it. For most, it is about getting re-elected. And when you represent a state where a conservative majority make you vulnerable to electoral defeat, it makes a special interest group like the NRA that much more powerful. It also helps that those they target are weak of character to begin with and have no faith in themselves to be able to stand up front of their own constituents and be able to explain why it was so important to take this step and lay to rest the NRA lie that somehow this is an attempt to take their guns and freedoms away from them.
    We the people suffer because far too many of those we elect lack the courage to do the right thing. They are more afraid of losing their privileges and status than they are of losing themselves.
    That just makes this whole episode just that much more sad.

  4. I keep thinking of this from West Wing…could it possibly work? I mean what else…
    Congressman Skinner: You know I never understood why you gun control people don’t all join the NRA. They’ve got two million members. You bring three million to the next meeting, call a vote. All those in favor of tossing guns… bam! Move on.
    Josh Lyman: It’s a heck of a strategy, Matt. I’ll bring that up at a meeting.

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