Just Plain (Gun) Nuts


So, thanks to a minority of Senators who’d just as soon piss themselves in public than get on the wrong side of the NRA, anexceedingly modest background check requirement before purchasing a lethal weapon failed. This isn’t even like requiring a driver’s license before getting a car — it’s more like the dealer being allowed to make sure you’re not habitually committing vehicular homicide.

Meanwhile, here in the Gret Stet, aballot initiative passed last November (and endorsed by esteemed Gubnah PBJ) allows convicted felons to sue the State and demand…the return of any confiscated weapons. Go figure.

We now live in a country that, for the most part, considers a naturally growing plant — weed — enough of a threat to ban even mere possession with the threat of jail and confiscation of property, but which won’t even pass the most modest of requirements — proof that you’re not a convicted felon — before letting you buy a gun. Wow. Potheads are considered more dangerous than gun nuts.

That said, potheads ARE smarter. After all, even with the State going apeshit over mere possession, it’s not all that difficult to find some. Do gun nuts really think modest regulation would result in total confiscation? Geez.

3 thoughts on “Just Plain (Gun) Nuts

  1. Historians are likely to label this period in our history, as Matt Taibbi described it, “The Great Derangement.”
    It’s something to behold when the collective consciousness goes bugfuck nuts, isn’t it?

  2. You know what’s even more dangerous? Married couples. In every state you must have a marriage license to receive the benefits of a SACRAMENT ORDAINED BY GAWD! And when you file your federal taxes you’re REQUIRED to state your marital status. Why? Because they’re building a GOVMINT MARRIAGE REGISTRY DATABASE!

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