The Elvis Impersonator Has Left The Building

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Usually a story containing the word ricin that involves someone being falsely accused of a felony is not funny. That is, until Paul Kevin Curtis. He’s the Mississippi Elvis impersonator who was arrested last week for sending ricin laced letters to President Obama, Senator Roger Wicker (Obscure R-Miss) and a local judge. It turns out that he didn’t do it, so he’s no longer dancing to the jailhouse rock.

After Curtis was sprung from the slammer, he held a bizarre presser wherein he discussed his missing dog Moo-cow, offered to pay his attorney with foot massages and called Jesus his best friend. Hand to God, I am making none of this up. Hell, even Carl Hiassen couldn’t concoct this story…

There’s apparently another equally zany suspect under the gun now but I’m not going there. Mocking one ricin suspect at a time is weird enough for me, y’all.

KC, of course, has a YouTube page. In addition to Elvis, he also does Prince, Buddy Holly, Conway Twitty, Hank Williams Jr, Jon Bon Jovi and Tracy Lawrence. Not particularly well, mind you, but he does them. Here he is as the King:

I’m glad KC is free and I promise never to step on his blue, blue, blue suede shoes. I will, however skip the foot massage…

Dang, KC’s gone and given me an earworm. It’s only fitting to give the *real* King the last word:

3 thoughts on “The Elvis Impersonator Has Left The Building

  1. You know, usually I’d think this was kind of funny, but it really isn’t. Mr. Curtis is mentally ill. He was falsely accused of trying to kill the President, which is pretty freaking heavy rap. Let’s hope the poor dude is left to do his bad impressions and that he finds Moo-cow.

  2. I think of Curtis as crazy with a small c as opposed to mentally ill. He’s a classic Southern eccentric so I don’t feel bad about making good natured fun of him. I’m glad Moo-cow is home again.

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