I’ve been having some severe allergy issues in the last few days. It feels as if CPAC, or something equally cacophonous, is being held in my head. Anyway, the Mad Men recap is coming but I’d like to feel at least vaguely human while writing it, so here’s one of my favorite moments from The Flood in GIF form:


The GIF only ,moves if you click on it; not sure why but I’ve been fighting it for awhile and it’s time to surrender. Dang, Dawn looks fierce when Joanie goes in for the hug…

One thought on “Awkward

  1. pansypoo says:

    local honey the previous winter as cleared up all y hay fever, except pressure headaches. NO PILLS! NO NOTHING but a teaspoon of local honey daily months before. sort of worked for a while not local. its awesome.


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