Fuck Yeah, Jason Collins

Journeyman NBA big man Jason Collins has come out of the closet becoming the first openly gay major sports player who wants to stay active. You’ll notice I’m putting a caveat on this still momentous announcement. Collins is an unsigned free agent who wants to play next year, but he’s a marginal player who played in 38 games last season hasn’t played in more than 49 game since 2008.

I hate to be the skunk at this particular garden party but if Collins remains unsigned, he’s just the latest recently retired player to come out. Decent big men *are* hard to come by but Collins could remain unsigned for legitimate basketball reasons: he’s 34, which is old for a cager. He may or may not get another shot but I hope that this gives a player in their prime the courage to come out. The NBA now looks like the best bet for a pioneer who may actually play in the 2013-2014 season.

Despite that somewhat windy essay, Jason Collins still deserves a rousing chorus of fuck yeahs from our little corner of the internet.

2 thoughts on “Fuck Yeah, Jason Collins

  1. First MALE openly gay player. Lots of women done already come out in the WNBA, Tennis, Soccer, etc. Of course, people don’t think those are “major” sports teams.

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