Sounds like a drinking joke to me

The internet is aflame withBiden click bait again. This time we’re told that it’s a “dirty joke” but unless there’s more context to it than I’ve seen yet, it’s another “the Irish love to drink” one-liner thrown out by our teetotaler Veep:

Even if it’s a mildly “dirty joke,” I’m not sure why themalakas at the Weekly Standard think that stuff like this damages Biden because it doesn’t. People *like* Joey the Shark precisely because he’s so real and occasionally off-the-wall. In the UK, a Tory spin-off anti-establishment party, UKIP, did well in last week’s county elections. There’s been a lot of portentous and downright pretentious stuff written about why this happened when, in fact, they did well, in part, because UKIP’s leader, Nigel Farage is a “cheeky chappy”with a common touch. Joe Biden is our very own cheeky chappy. Nuff said.

6 thoughts on “Sounds like a drinking joke to me

  1. I think that nut @The Weekly Standard (motto: “Our Standards Are Weak”) is thinking “lube” in the sex aid context.
    What is it with those people?

  2. I’ll take it over “those-weapons-of-mass-destruction-have-to-be-somewhere” any day.

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