Some Fantastic Place

My dear friend Wendy suffered a horrible loss last night. Her charming and totally awesome father was killed in an accident. Wendy is known here at First Draft as frequent commenter and crack van habituee, Elspeth Ravenwind. She’s a life force, something she has in common with her late father, so I know she’ll get through this but, damn, this sucks.

Here’s a song I want played when the bucket kicks me. The story goes that Some Fantastic Place was written by Difford and Tilbrook in honor of the person who introduced them. It’s about grief and loss and it moves me every time I hear it. This is for Wendy:

7 thoughts on “Some Fantastic Place

  1. I wanted to put up a clip of Warren Zevon’s “Keep Me In Your Heart For a While” but the only youtube I could find of it had the most disgusting advertisement slipped in before it starts. This song brings me to tears every time I hear it. My deepest, deepest, sympathies go out to Wendy.

  2. I’ve read Elspeth’s comments here many times and liked them. I’m sorry she lost her father in such a tragic way. May good memories of him comfort her

  3. Thanks all… I’m having a super hard time of it. After his double-into-triple bypass last December, and his hard fought recovery, he was feeling fantastic once more. He was going to outlive me. But an 18-wheeler driver and his rig decided to intervene and involve my father in a physics experiment that trumped ALL of his safety measures. I’m wrapping up my layover in PHX and my connecting light to IAH boards in a half-hour.
    This event will pretty much clinch my (with my man, I hope) move back to Houston, once all of this initial shock and arrangement making wears off.

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