Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Lady From Shanghai

This was one of the last times Orson Welles directed a picture at a major Hollywood studio. It’s a good one, but the stories surrounding it are better than the movie itself. Orson royally pissed off Columbia Studio goniff Harry Cohn by getting Rita Hayworth to cut her hair short and dye it blond. Rita had already changed hair color from brunette to red BUT she was famous for her flowing locks. Cohn essentially blackballed Orson, which wasn’t hard to do but this may have been the last nail in his career coffin.

The first image is the poster, which is kinda mundane. The lobby card is special: from the Fun House scene filmed atPlayland on the Beach in San Francisco. I have fond childhood memories of it but that’s all I got. it was torn down years ago.


Here’s the trailer:

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  1. She looks like Lana Turner with her hair that way. I don’t think it suits her —

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