The Governor Enema Watch

I’m back on the Bob McDonnell aka Governor Enema beat. I’m using the word watch literally because the latest questionable “gift”Bob and his grifter wife, Maureen, have received is a $6,500 Rolex:

A prominent political donor purchased a Rolex watch for Virginia Gov.
Robert F. McDonnell, according to two people with knowledge of the
gift, and the governor did not disclose it in his annual financial
The $6,500 luxury watch was provided by wealthy businessman
Jonnie R. Williams Sr., the people said. He is the chief executive of
dietary supplement manufacturer Star Scientific and the person who paid
for catering at the wedding of the governor’s daughter. The people spoke
on the condition of anonymity because of an ongoing federal
investigation into the relationship between Williams and the McDonnell

Williams’s gift came in August 2011 — about two weeks after he met
with a top state health official to pitch the benefits of his company’s
health products at a meeting arranged by first lady Maureen McDonnell,
according to people who know of the meeting.

Williams bought the
watch at the urging of Maureen McDonnell, who admired Williams’s own
Rolex and suggested that he buy her a similar one she could give to her
husband, the people said. Her proposal occurred moments before the
meeting she had arranged with the state official, according to one
person familiar with the request.

The Rolex, engraved with the
inscription “71st Governor of Virginia,” represents the first
undisclosed gift known to have been used personally by McDonnell (R)
among tens of thousands of dollars of undisclosed giftsgiven to the governor’s family.

It’s nice to see that the WaPo is still capable of committing an act of journalism in the Stanley Kaplan/Fred Hiatt era. Of course, if Governor Enema were to spend more time agitating for military intervention hither and yon, Fred Hiatt might fluff him editorially.

Bob McDonnel is such a schnorrer. You know the type, he’s the political version of the rich guy who never carries a wallet and never pays for anything. You know, the guy Pete Campbell aspires to be. And Maureen McDonnell’s shopping expeditions with the Star Scientific guy make Mary Todd Lincoln look frugal. Virginia politics haven’t been this spicy since Chuck Robb got caught with his pants down.

No wonder McDonnell is into digestive system detox cleansings.He’s full of it.

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  1. Your post title has me thinking of the Christopher Walken scene in Pulp Fiction…

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