D is for deliberation

I’ve been expecting a verdict in the Dipshit trial today and all we’ve gotten thus far is a question from the jury. I’m so addicted to Z trial that we stayed close to home for much of the day. Pitiful, no?

A few scattered reactions to the closings:

Prosecutor Bernie De La Rionda looks like Hank Kingsley of the Larry Sanders Show. Hey now. And Zimmerman’s mother looks like Zoyla from Flipping Out. I obviously watch too much teevee…

John Guy’s closing was passionate and boiled the case down to its essence by declaring that the case is not about standing your ground but staying in your car. It’s a pity the dipshit didn’t do so. I’d be doing something else tonight instead of waiting for the jury like a poindexter.

Mark O’Mara’s closing was good but his use of the concrete block was preposterous. I may have to call him O’Blockhead from now on. Speaking of ridiculous, telling the jury not to use their common sense defies, uh, common sense.

I’ve been watching MSNBC and have become a Lisa Bloom fan. What’s not to love about a smart, sassy legal eagle? I’m glad she’s escaped from the Court/True TV ghetto. She’s free of Hardcore Pawn’s Les Gold forever…

End of today’s edition of mildly drunk legal blogging.