8 thoughts on “Shorter O’Mara

  1. If I remember correctly, the pernicious thing about the Florida SYG law is that not only is claiming SYG a reasonable defense, but it gives the shooter the right to sue in the case they are found innocent as a result. It’s intended to discourage pressing charges against the shooter.

  2. “So he’s a cowardly moron with a gun running around initiating confrontations?”
    You say that almost as if it is something undesireable.

  3. If he is acquitted this will be the stalker defense. As in: yes, I was following her to rape her but she got the better of me and I had to shoot her in self defense.

  4. So, O’Mara has a fool for a client…
    Again, I saw some of the Lawrence O’Donnell show last night, so not exactly a dispassionate analysis, but…geez…when you look at the big picture, how can this not be at the very least manslaughter or some other type of negligent homicide? Oh, wait, that’s right: Florida law. It’s technically possible, I guess.

  5. So he’s a cowardly moron with a gun running around initiating confrontations?
    Thanks you, Mr. defense lawyer, that has been my point this whole time and the main reason he needs to be convicted. He started something that would not have otherwise happened and someone who wasn’t committing a crime has been shot to death because your client is a dangerous brain dead wuss.

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