Cowboy State Carpetbagger

Liz Cheney is a clone of her father, only with better hair. She’s a genuinely nasty piece of work and now she wants to run for Senate from her father’s home state of Wyoming.There’s a rub: she’s really from DC and only established residency in Wyoming recently, and incumbent GOP Senator, Mike Enzi plans to run for re-election. Apparently, Ms. Machiavelli told the incumbent she wouldn’t run against him. I guess this is the enzi of their friendship…

I’d like to thank Ms. Cheney for spicing up my day and turning what would otherwise be a dull Senate race into a barn burner. Hubris apparently runs in the Cheney family.

5 thoughts on “Cowboy State Carpetbagger

  1. Enzi mistakenly thought the Cheney’s were “friends” of his. Even though Dick hasn’t shot him in the face… yet.

  2. Maybe she’ll win her primary and give the Dem a chance at winning the general. Quick! What are her views on rape?

  3. I hate to point this out, but HIllary Clinton had even less of a connection to NY than Liz Cheney has to Wyoming … same for Robert Kennedy. Carpetbagging is nothing new.

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