Cowboy State Carpetbagger

Liz Cheney is a clone of her father, only with better hair. She’s a genuinely nasty piece of work and now she wants to run for Senate from her father’s home state of Wyoming.There’s a rub: she’s really from DC and only established residency in Wyoming recently, and incumbent GOP Senator, Mike Enzi plans to run for re-election. Apparently, Ms. Machiavelli told the incumbent she wouldn’t run against him. I guess this is the enzi of their friendship…

I’d like to thank Ms. Cheney for spicing up my day and turning what would otherwise be a dull Senate race into a barn burner. Hubris apparently runs in the Cheney family.

5 thoughts on “Cowboy State Carpetbagger

  1. Wilz says:

    Enzi mistakenly thought the Cheney’s were “friends” of his. Even though Dick hasn’t shot him in the face… yet.

  2. bbell says:

    Maybe she’ll win her primary and give the Dem a chance at winning the general. Quick! What are her views on rape?

  3. pansypoo says:

    please tell me there will be a dmocrat to bo a lugar on her ass.

  4. Brooklyn Girl says:

    I hate to point this out, but HIllary Clinton had even less of a connection to NY than Liz Cheney has to Wyoming … same for Robert Kennedy. Carpetbagging is nothing new.

  5. adrastos says:

    @BG: True about Hillary but Bobby actually lived off and on in Noo Yawk when he was a tadpole.

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