Arrests Continue at WI Capitol

Yesterday Athenae posted a video of the arrests at the Solidarity Sing Along. As a result of yesterday’s arrests a much larger crowd attended the sing along today and the arrests continued.


About a dozen officers would enter the rotunda led by one officer who would walk through the crowd and point to someone:

The point small

Other officers would then arrest that person.


The officers would lead the individuals out and to the basement where they were issued citations. After about 10-15 minutes the officers would return and more arrests would begin again.

The lead officer would walk through the crowd and after some time would point to someone and then they were cuffed and led out. I was in the balcony and found it quite creepy and chilling to witness this process of point and arrest as did those around me.






Point 2--1



In a tense moment, a veteran was arrested who had been holding an American flag. While leading him out the flag fell to the ground. The veteran reacted by trying to go back to get it and the crowd gasped as officers stepped on the flag. Someone in the crowd picked it up.


Another arrest. The crowd would chant Shame, Shame, Shame as people were escorted out.


Officers followed by press and protesters as they lead one person out and towards the basement. They then formed a line to stop people from following. One man tries to talk with the police about what they were doing:

Cop look-1


Officers then pulled back with press and protesters following behind:


Channel3000 reports that 26 citations were issued today. From that story:

Sen. Tim Cullen, D-Janesville, watched Thursday and said the arrests are only driving more to join in.

“They had 35 or 40 people singing peacefully and quietly and they come in and use their thug tactics and we end up with 500 people here,” said Cullen. “If they keep arresting people today there will be a thousand tomorrow. I don’t know when they’re going to get it.”

We’ll see what tomorrow brings…


7 thoughts on “Arrests Continue at WI Capitol

  1. Thanks, Scout. People need to know. Here in NC, my mother’s 70-year-old cousin has been among those protesters arrested at the legislative building.

  2. Retire that asshole??
    This crap is just unacceptable.
    Oh, and I forgot one thing.

  3. May the force be with you all.
    In Texas, they confiscated Kotex from women before letting them into the gallery.
    In Wisconsin, they fear singers.

  4. Fuckers.
    They really never learn, do they? It’s like Walker, et al. are impervious to that grand old pasttime called, “Get a clue!” I thought his corporate backers had told him to lay off this sort of stuff already. 2011 come again?

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