Album Cover Art Wednesday: Pet Sounds

This week we go from the sublime to the ridiculous. It may not sound like it in 2013 but whenPet Sounds was released in 1966, it was revolutionary. It inspired the Beatles to go for it and record their own OTT opus, Sgt. Pepper. The ridiculous part is, obviously, the cover art. Capitol Records was nervous about public reaction to Brian Wilson’s masterpiece, so they gave it a goofy cover. Notice that malakatude hall of famer Mike Love is away from the critters. I’m not sure if they were afraid if he’d get bitten or bite a beast. Knowing Mike Love, he’d diss it and sue for damages later. If he had a Chris Berman nickname, he’d be Mike Love To Sue:


Here’s the collagey back cover:

Pet Sounds back coverL

I wasn’t able to find the whole LP on YouTube, so here are two tunes for your enjoyment: