Quote Of The Day: Supreme Court Edition

It comes from yet another brilliant piece at Slate by Dahlia Lithwick about a campaign finance case argued this week:

The optics of having this particular fight this particular week are not
terrific, an accident of scheduling that has Scrooge McDuck, Montgomery
Burns, and Richie Rich ambling around the Supreme Court plaza on
Tuesday, bemoaning the diminution of their voices in the national
political conversation.

Btw, Dahlia was the Slate-ster who took the Ken Jennings news quiz on the record this week and I buried her. I scored 465 points to Dahlia’s 255 and the average score of 283. She still, however, has much better hair than I do, dammit…

Speaking of Slate. is it just me or does anyone else hate their cluttered, user hostile redesign? Last week, I had to google the news quiz instead of finding it on the site. I’m peeved and vexed but I’m not breaking up with Slate: I’d miss reading Dahlia, Dave Weigel, and Seth Stevenson too much.

That is all.

3 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: Supreme Court Edition

  1. I would protest the lumping of Richie Rich with the Kochs (Scrooge was a miser but not vindictive about it except for taking it out for Donald. I seriously have reservations if the Kochs aren’t evil incarnate. Richie Rich and family had loads of cash, but they seemed to be basically OK folks).
    And about your question, when I clicked on the link, it took me a little bit to actually find the the story to read it. Looks like they also go overboard on advertising (I find it interesting that a 1950s TV show would have (making up the numbers) 10 minutes advertising to 20 minutes of actual show. While web pages seem to have 5 times more advertising than actual story space – especially bad for news videos which have 3 and 4 commercials per story).
    But at least the linked page wasn’t one of those web pages that lock up your computer for over a minute before you can see the story or even do something else on your computer (while the basics of web design are clearly that if you go to a page and don’t see something you like within 10 seconds, you’re gonna just close the page down).

  2. Well, nowhere near your 465, but I got, if I remember right, 335 or thereabouts (4 missed questions — my cat LIKES being petted, damnit, and I had no idea if it was railroad tracks or electrical transformer for the last question…so it goes).
    Anyway, I’m guessing Slate’s new design is about as popular as the Windoze 8 desktop, which is presumably the basis.
    Does guessing right on the quiz location (news & politics) count as bonus points?

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