2 thoughts on “I Seem To Remember

  1. I was thinking this weekend about how the 200 voices had chutzpah to claim that 200 people spoke for all the vets, much less for all the people. How the 200 were engaging in vandalism, trespass on govt property, breaking and entering, etc. etc. and the police stood by and did nothing (compare to a Vietnam protest or even a protest not to invade Iraq for the sake of Halliburton).
    Then on the local TV Comment section, I made a remark on the crowd numbers – according to Faux News were around 200. Got some guy who stared a long line of ad hominem attacks – many dependent on his false assumptions about me. He counter-attacked with a new string of ad hominem attacks.

  2. I saw some skinny 20 year old-ish guy wearing a red Che t-shirt with the caption “I have no idea who this dude is”. It made my day.

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