Album Cover Art Wednesday: Reckoning

Reckoning was REM’s second album and it helped establish their place as indie rock darlings. The final cover was done by Georgia folk artist Howard Finster but the process is interesting since it involved Finster collaborating with REM frontman Michael Stipe:

For the cover ofReckoning, Stipe drew a picture of a two-headed snake, which he then gave to artistHoward Finster to fill in as a painting. Stipe stated that the imagery was an attempt to define the elements, explaining, “Part of it is rocks and part of it is the sun and part of it the sky.” The end result was considered a disappointment, as Stipe had to work with Finster on a long-distance basis, and the reproduction of the artwork for the album sleeve was problematic.

I quite like it myself, which is why I’m posting it this week:


Here’s the entire album via the YouTube:

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  1. i just listened to this album – the deluxe edition – yesterday! and i love this album cover. always did. thanks for the backstory.

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