2 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: Swamp Brat

  1. Excerpt:

    She stepped out from behind the tree trunk, her daddy’s shotgun cradled in her arms.”What are you doin’ here?” I said.
    “Squirm, Eddie.” All that black hair curtained her eyes, but she kept the gun slanted at my face.
    “Look here, Rosamay, what you aim to do with that double barrel?”
    “Maybe kill dogs, Eddie, maybe you. Look over my shoulder Eddie. She’s down there waiting for you, ain’t she? All soft and pink and prettied up. Eddie, I swore up and down last night, when you left me that I wouldn’t let you have her in one piece. It ain’t easy staying awake all night, Eddie, and when you do, you get dizzy in the head so you could do most anything. Eddie, I aim to kill you.”

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