‘there’s a loud bang from outside that makes my coffee cup jump on the table’

This is still the best thing I read after 9/11.

Everything happens at once, and yet at the same time somehow nothing happens at all for a second, as the building sighs and slumps towards us, and the top section shrugs down into the hole made by the plane, and a ring of debris and ash shoots out from where the hole starts. From the ground, it looks like the top of the building is going to come clean off and fall in our direction, but for a full two beats, we all just…stand there…admiring it: “It’s coming down.” But it isn’t coming down, not really. It’s not real. We see it, of course. But it’s not happening. The building isn’t coming down. The building can’t come down. It wouldn’t do that.

The TV was on at my gym, on Fox of course, because aside from people like me having the odd afternoon off the daytime gym visitors are mostly wingnut weight-room rats and tennis moms with Romney-Ryan stickers on their SUVs. Fox was on, and it was an alternating stream: 9/11, Benghazi, 9/11, Benghazi. Both anniversaries involving dead Americans, both tragedies.

Both offered chances for the hosts and commentators to criticize liberals, and so.


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  1. Jen S says:

    Every year, I hope that this is the year that she finally finds Don.

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