21 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Must. Have. Coffee. I make a pound of coffee at once with a cold drip brewer. In the morning I mix some of the concentrate in a cup with hot water and cream (Must. Have. Cream. I’ll drink it black if for some godforsaken reason I run out, but not without a little wailing and teeth gnashing).
    Don’t mind tea, but it just isn’t on my grocery list these days.

  2. Black tea! Must have tannin! Never touch coffee – I like the smell, but not the beverage.

  3. two diet cokes before i leave home. two more in the car on the way to school. then a couple cups of tea before the kids show up.

  4. Shift work in the military for so many years, coffee please. Now, still, one in the AM and one before bed. Decaf. Milk, no water.

  5. Is this some kind of joke? I have a refrigerator magnet-so old I don’t remember where or when I got it-that sums up my philosophy : “COFFEE FIRST! Then your mundane bullshit.”

  6. COFFEE! my free w/ gevalia 1 cup maker died. luckily i heard oe of the ladies from cook’s kitchen + i have a french press + was doing cold brew. found my old gevalia coffee pot til i find a 1 mug replacement. light roast, but strong w/ cream must have cream + a bit of brown sugar.
    i like tea. gave up herbal when the dane visiting wanted black tea. have you tied earl grey? orange pekoe(constant comment) is nice. or the cinnamon stick in winter. lemon does make it better. AND NO LIPTON’S!

  7. “Instant human — just add coffee.”
    No, I don’t have the cap. I need it, though. Preferably on Game Guard Camo in hunter-orange letters.
    Coffee. First thing. Yep, I’m addicted. Strong is good, medium/dark roast is needful. Doc says I can have one cup a day. So I make it with a Melitta into a one-quart travel cup.
    Brown sugar and half-and-half, if I can get ’em; black or any other way at need.
    Tea is a nice warm drink, as is cocoa. I like Constant Comment … not so much Earl Grey, but Lady Grey is nice.

  8. Coffee, but not regularly—I wasn’t even a routine drinker of either it or tea until my 30s. But I don’t require coffee to start my day. Generally I like an iced mocha in the afternoon. When winter’s bitter embrace finally wraps around my bones, I will switch to a black tea blend called Russian Caravan. My barista friends refer to it as the “burning tire tea,” and there’s some truth to that; the tea carries a scent redolent of damp autumn leaves and fireplaces alight at dusk.

  9. Coffee. More specifically, coffee roasted by me. I’ve been roasting my own for a few years now and it is so much better than even very good coffee it’s unreal.
    I like a nice cappuccino the best, but love it made just about any way.
    I have one of those Aeropress things and it is very convenient and makes an excellent cup.

  10. Tea, please. Harney & Sons Paris tea when I am good and whatever is on sale when I am my usual self.

  11. Black coffee. But I’m down from two pots a day in my 20s to one mug a day (maybe a second on weekends) now. No particular reason. And I will have a decaf with dessert in the evening from time to time.
    My wife has prevailed on me a few times to drink various tea-like substances when I was sick. They all tasted vile, but a couple did seem to help.

  12. Iced black tea, very strong, with a little agave nectar or regular sugar in a pinch. It used to be Diet Coke but I stopped consuming artificial sweeteners so I switched to black tea. I don’t really enjoy hot drinks. There’s a reason I live in the south.

  13. Hated coffee (although loved the smell) until I started volunteering down at the museum back in the ’90s. It’s chilly in the basement work and storage area and one of the volunteers brought in a coffee maker, and it didn’t take long for me to get hooked. Now, given various problems and challenges, I’m strictly a decaff person, but I fire up my four-cup maker every morning and drink it dry, making sure the coffee’s well-laced with sugar-free vanilla creamer. Okay, so I’m a coffee wimp. Sue me.

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