The Thrill Is Gone

The final season ofTreme commenced tonight. It was a mixed bag but some of the characters I *really* hoped would vanish-Sonny, Annie, and Nelson Hidalgo-were still there. Bummer, man. I’d rather spend more quality time with La Donna, Antoine, and Big Chief Lambreaux but what can I say?

The series has charted a course quite similar to the post-federal flood city that it’s set in. The high hopes of season one have given way to the sporadic pleasures of seasons 3 and 4. I’m going to stick it out because there’s still a lot of good stuff going on, and Steve Zahn didn’t yell as much as in past seasons, but the thrill is gone for this viewer.

5 thoughts on “The Thrill Is Gone

  1. Sadly, this show wasn’t thought of as a long-term program. That’s a shame, because NOLA is full of stories. Thanks for the update.

  2. You can’t just dump characters if you’re going for the continuity of a novel rather than conventional television. I suspect Annie will make the opposite choice of Delmond and go (or Delmond will be captured again by New York and Annie will stay; one of those two scenarios). Sonny is never going to grow up. We all know a Sonny here. Or several. I think Nelson’s reappearance is going to be needed to thread what I will suspect will be the closing of the corruption stories, as best as that can be done.
    Like I said onBoT we are in the last chapters. The characters have progressed toward something like a new normalcy, often in new personal arrangements, which is where everyone was by 2008. What I was not seeing was a hint at any final season drama. It’s still New Orleans, and I suspect someone is going to die but I couldn’t tell you who. I don’t see the path to a season-specific climax otherwise in what we saw last night.

  3. Treme has too many characters some of whom are uninteresting: Sonny in particular. The 3 characters I mentioned could have all been written out without damaging the show. Plus, if a slacker douchebag character is required Fake Davis is on duty as well as douchey.
    Using the novelistic analogy, Treme started out as a very promising novel but got overblown and unwieldy as it progressed. Not a bad show now but a very disappointing one.

  4. I can agree with Adrastos: Sonny and Annie could be gone. Hell, they aren’t natives, so it makes sense they’d float off eventually. It would have been better just to let Sonny be happy with his Vietnamese bride away from New Orleans and let Annie be the touring musician. However, I do think that David Simon keeps Annie in there for the music. He loves the music and she brings the Cajun side of the NOLA music scene.
    Yeah, I get the idea that someone will be dying in these final episodes. Maybe it will be Davis. Who really annoyed me last season and I hope will not this season.

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