Weekend Question Thread

Most expensive thing a pet or child has broken in your house. Go.

Joey used to ruin every sweater I brought home, and Claire likes to chew stuff, but the prize has to go to Riot, who climbed up onto a windowsill we were sure there was NO WAY he could reach, and knocked a clock we’d gotten as a wedding gift off onto the floor.

The worst part was how totally satisfied he looked afterwards. He was so proud of himself. “Look, guys! I did it!”


12 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. I’ve had a dog chew up a +$400 dollar pair of bifocal polarized sunglasses. Which I’d owned less than a month.

  2. After interior remodeling and furniture rearranging, the cat has ripped into the sofa upholstery like nobody’s business. And it’s an expensive sofa. Grr. Put a blanket over part of it…but if you remove it for even a second…

  3. My most careful child actually holds the record for most expensive damage done to property at one time. As I packed the van at the end of a really great camping trip, my little Nan occupied herself by feeding pennies to the CD player in the vehicle. This action set off an odd series of electrical issues. Almost 8+ years and $1k in repairs later, the damage is still not completely erased. My cup holder won’t close completely because of an issue with radio compatibility or some other nonsense.

  4. cats ran into the teevee’s glass door the component shelf. mess, but meh. tho sybil did kill my fist apple mouse. and ceramic pots.

  5. Our cats have been remarkably undestructive. Manet, our long lived black cat, did eat every plant in sight so we couldn’t have potted plants.

  6. a st. bernard pup chewed all the knobs off a dresser and ate my father’s hat.
    a cat jumped up on a hot radiator, then jumped to the top of a shelf system with glass shelves and crashed from the top shelf all the way to the bottom (he was rather overweight), taking many hummel figurines with him.
    another cat completely defoliated a 4-foot tall jade plant by flicking the leaves off.

  7. 1983. We had just moved into an old two-story frame farmhouse rental that the landlord (who I knew from a previous rental when I was single, and with whom I was on very good terms due to how I took care of that apartment) had meticulously remodeled top to bottom, inside and out. The kitchen was HUGE. Probably 15′ X 15′. We convinced him to let us have a Golden Retriever puppy shortly after taking residence. In those days we knew nothing about crate training a puppy, so Phred had the run of the kitchen while we were gone to work (we did have sense enough to put baby gates up to keep him confined to the kitchen). Things were going well until the day we came home from work to discover that puppy decided to take up almost every square inch of the new linoleum flooring in the kitchen. Being responsible dog owners, we had it replaced with the exact same material at considerable expense. Now, you’ll recall that I said we were responsible dog owners, right? I didn’t say SMART dog owners. A month later, Phred did it all over again (and so did we).

  8. nothing major other than damage to themselves that requires expensive vet bills. Such as my dog’s mysteriously injured leg that happened approximately 1 minute past midnight on payday this month.

  9. Pippin once knocked over an antique oil lamp that sat on a chest of drawers next to my bed, showering me with broken glass at 3:00 am. I was lucky to escape unscathed particularly as I sleep au natural.
    Young child of some visitor’s AFTER having been told not to touch them managed to break an expensive pair of deep sky binoculars. Parents never even offered to pay for them.

  10. Broken: eyeglasses and a VCR/DVD player (kids did both).
    Also, when I was a teen, we were at the front door listening to carolers on Christmas Eve for just a few minutes, which was all the time it took for our collie/shepherd mix to jump up on the kitchen counter and devour an entire 8-pound London broil. He topped that particular act years later, at the age of 15, by leaping a neighbor’s 5-foot fence, impregnating the neighbor’s purebred, and then dying on the spot.

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