Friday Ferretblogging: Future Edition

When I started telling people I was knocked up, one of the first questions I got was, “What are you going to do about the ferrets?”

My answers ranged from, “Well, we’ll just feed them directly into a woodchipper, soon as I can rent one” to “I was thinking of letting the baby sleep in the cage the first couple of months since she won’t be much bigger than Bucky and it’ll be warm in there.” I mean, what the TITS, what am I going to do about the ferrets? The ferrets are actually very good with kids, even huffy little Claire, and we’ll do our best to keep the baby from eating them.

I’m actually sort of thinking that this is our future:


7 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Future Edition

  1. Re: the video, yup that’s about right. And as for the question in the first place? Umbrage! High dudgeon! Outrage! Harummmppphhhh I say!

  2. Never having owned a ferret, I have no insight into this question. But I do remember that when we brought my firstborn home from the hospital, we set the car seat down on the floor to allow our orange tabby (under careful supervision, natch) to get to know her. He sniffered her once, then turned and walked away, like, “Nothing to see here.” (They got very close and affectionate once she started crawling, and to my recollection, she never once provoked him to bite or scratch her.)
    I join in the congratulations to you and Mr. A. There’s nothing like wanting a child and learning, a long time after you began wanting one, that you’re going to get one.

  3. Well it is good to know that Sophie the Giraffe is loved by ferrets as much as she is loved by babies.

  4. OK – the funniest thing about this vid is the expression on the baby’s face after the ferret makes off with the toy.
    “WTF just happened here??”

  5. We had enough experience with friends’ toddlers to know that our Aussies, even the blind one, are incredibly patient and affectionate with kids. Other than trying to keep them from licking him for the first couple of months, they’ve been terrific.

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