The Sochi Delegation

Remember when I suggested the Fab Five to lead the US delegation to the Sochi Olympics? I was, of course, jesting but I was delighted when the Obama administration named a delegation in the spirit of my tongue in cheek suggestion. Three, count ’em three prominent members of the LGBT community. I admit to some confusion about Brian Boitano. I thought he was already out but since I don’t follow figure skating very closely, no make that at all, I didn’t know. I’ve never heard of the hockey chick, but Billie Jean King is an icon in my household, partially because her brother Randy Moffitt pitched for the Giants from 1972 to 1981.

The response from the Kremlin has been interesting. Vlad the shirtless has actually released a bunch of political prisoners including Pussy Riot. I singled them out because I felt like writing Pussy Riot.

One thing people don’t understand about Vladimir Putin is that he’s a dictator who wants other to love him as much as he loves himself. That’s why he’s sprung some enemies to show the world what a swell, albeit tough and manly, guy he is. He’ll probably crack down on his enemies when the Olympics are over but right now he’s all lovable Vlad, the benevolent dictator.

That is all.

4 thoughts on “The Sochi Delegation

  1. Billie Jean King makes sense because, well, she’s Billie Jean King. Boitano and ‘the hockey chick’ make sense because they are past medalists in sports contested at the Winter Olympics.
    Caitlin Cahow was a defenseman on the 2006 and 2010 US women’s teams, winning a bronze and silver medal, respectively. She is obviously not part of this year’s team. Played her college hockey at Harvard. (And they at least tolerate, or actually don’t mind being called defensemen; they’ll refer to themselves that way on occasion.)
    Brilliant move by Obama.
    The 2014 version of the women’s team takes on arch-rival Canada tonight at 7 PM on cable channel NBC Sports Network.
    (And note to Athenae: four former Badgers on the team, plus one forward – Anne Pankowski – who was going to be an incoming freshman for the Badgers this year, until she made the Olympic team straight out of high school! One former Badger on the Canadian team.)

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