Amateur’s Day

I used to love April Fool’s day. I once participated in a music listserv prank that fooled people for 24 hours until we finally pulled the plug. Then there was the fake tabloid web sitethat I wrote an “advice column”for. And in my early days as a blogger, I did the odd hoax/prank/joke but in the last few years it has amused me less and less.

It seems to have become a day for the humorless to be heavy handed in attempting to prove that they have a sense of humor.A Ted Cruz tattoo prank?Really? The man says crazy and untrue shit every day and expects us to think of him as Groucho instead of Margaet Dumont? Poppycock, piffle and other derisive P words.

The post title is obviously inspired by day drinkers and hardcore party animals who call New Year’s Eve amateur’s night. April Fool’s day is the day that most people on the Tweeter Tube conclusively prove that they could not write for the Onion if their lives depended on it.

This post is NOT an April’s Fool’s gag. I may, however, go around the corner to the smoke filled old man’s bar and slip a whoopee cushion on a bar stool and call it a day

I’ll give Split Enz the final word. It’s an inside joke that only a few people will get, which may be, in itself, a wee bit of April foolery:

2 thoughts on “Amateur’s Day

  1. If only Ted Cruz WAS the April Fool’s prank — and tomorrow someone came out and said, you know, even Texas isn’t so batshit insane that it’d send Ted Cruz to the Senate.
    But I guess that’s not going to happen…

  2. Do not compare Ted Cruz to Margaret Dumont! The formidable Ms. Dumont would eat his lunch, and sing opera while doing it.

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