Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Even Moar Christie Critters edition

Good morning, gentle people!

The trucks have been unloading drums of toxic Christie Freepitude all week, so I guess we’d better bust some of them open before we run out of storage space.

I stared checking Freeperville immediately after the Christie hullabaloo started, but it was all “GATEBOOKGATESBOOKIMPEACHIMPEACH!!1!”. A couple of them muttered “Good riddance to bad RINOs” on three-comment threads, but otherwise it was like none of it had ever happened.

With the belated realization that nobody but Clark and his publishers gives a flying fuck about whether or not he liked his boss, they finally deigned to notice what the real world was abuzz about.

What REALLY kicked off the shitstorm was this:

Boehner: Christie remains presidential contender
Miami Herald ^ | 1/9/14 | Associated Press

Posted on 1‎/‎9‎/‎2014‎ ‎12‎:‎04‎:‎51‎ ‎PM by jimbo123

House Speaker John Boehner says he believes Chris Christie remains a serious contender for the Republican 2016 presidential nomination, despite the traffic jam scandal engulfing the New Jersey governor.

Reporters asked Boehner about Christie’s problems on Thursday, even as the governor was holding a news conference in Trenton, N.J.


Florence Genova was unavailable for comment.
1 posted on 1‎/‎9‎/‎2014‎ ‎12‎:‎04‎:‎51‎ ‎PM by jimbo123
Now you’ve done it.

To: jimbo123

In your dreams, Baby Boehner. Christie’s criminality makes him a NON-contender and may be an answer to Tea Party prayers.

3 posted on 1‎/‎9‎/‎2014‎ ‎12‎:‎12‎:‎07‎ ‎PM by madison10
Here we go.
In Freeperville, the candidate seen by quite a few on both sides as electable because he’s not a whackaloon (uncouth, boorish, and calculating, sure – but that’s old school) getting politically kneecapped is “an answer to tea party prayers”.
Must be those unskewed polls.

To: jimbo123

Typical of Boehner – one RINO trying to protect another.

6 posted on 1‎/‎9‎/‎2014‎ ‎12‎:‎15‎:‎19‎ ‎PM by demkicker (My passion for freedom is stronger than that of Democrats whose obsession is to enslave me.)

To: MNGal

GOPe tears actually taste sweeter than RAT tears these days. MORE!

7 posted on ‎1‎/‎9‎/‎2014‎ ‎12‎:‎16‎:‎12‎ ‎PM by txhurl

To: jimbo123
John Boehner says he believes Chris Christie remains a serious contender for the Republican 2016 presidential nomination

No, Boehner, he doesn’t. Time to get to work making Jeb your GOPe poster boy.

14 posted on 1‎/‎9‎/‎2014‎ ‎12‎:‎21‎:‎17‎ ‎PM by Drew68
RINOs, RINOs everywhere, nor any drop to drink…
There must be a logical explanation for all of this, right?

To: novemberslady
Cruz/Gowdy is looking like a strong ticket.
Alternate realities are a sumbitch, ain’t they?

And, being actual conservatives, they will work to make the downticket conservatives an exciting straight-Repub punch.
Does that mean they’re playing the knockout game?

But it turns out the vote fraud possibilites are endless, since Colorado has shown that clerks can query the database of votes cast at will.

OH NOES!!! They can commit fraud by looking at vote tallies? Proof positive that anyone who looks at vote totals is committing voter fraud! Those tallies should be locked away forever where no one can ever see them!

They were looking at early votes cast to determine how many votes they needed to get the fix in.

Why bother? Just put in a couple hundred thousand Democratic votes. Easy peasy.

Voting machine databases are supposed to be LOCKED, but turns out that ain’t so. Box of Stashed Ballots Could Invalidate Contested Broomfield Election [vote fraud Colorado ] ..Records also indicate that Susek or a city employee repeatedly logged into the ballot accounting database as the administrator and downloaded vote tallies repeatedly for two weeks before the Nov. 5 election.

Access to early voting records give the RATS data to fraud with.

Assuming these machines with open access to determine trends, this is catastrophic. The FEC needs to answer just how many vote machine databases are accessible for user-driven calculations.

Here’s a “user-driven calculation” for you. You lost the last two presidential elections, because “tea party”.

This access is probably how Zero knew how many to bus in to enact THE FIX.

37 posted on ‎1‎/‎9‎/‎2014‎ ‎11‎:‎31‎:‎23‎ ‎PM by txhurl
Um – if the President has busses full of voters ready to go, why wouldn’t he send all of them?
Some oldies after the donut.