From the frying pan into the fire


The least surprising news of the new year is that David Vitter is throwing his diaper into the ring in the 2015 Gret Stet Governor’s race. If any masochists out there are wondering who could be worse than PBJ, the answer is Bitter Vitter.

So, let’s hope we don’t go from the PBJ frying pan into the Vitter fire. It would be good for the satire business but horrible for everything else.

2 thoughts on “From the frying pan into the fire

  1. Is Dave ready to leave the cushy life afforded a Pampered Senator for the rough and tumble circus in Baton Rouge?
    It Depends! But, he just Luvs a challenge…
    I’ll go by his local office for some bumper stickers and Huggies!

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