#Sneauxmageddon Not

I don’t deny my own winter wimpdom. I embrace it. It keeps me warm. But there’s a collective, uh, meltdown in South Louisiana over traces of snow hither and yon. Some twitterati in Red Stick have dubbed it #sneauxmageddon. They should probably put on an extra layer of clothing, drink a cuppa joe, and relax. It’s really more of an #exaggerationmageddon…

The cold weather (by our standards, we’re not freaking Cheesleand, after all) has also driven possums and raccoons into the open. That’s right there are possums in Uptown New Orleans. I haven’t seen any but the twitter feed of the U ptown Messenger’s Robert Morris is possumville right now. I’m not sure if anyone is rounding up a possum posse but anything is possible.

The tweet of the day thus far comes from my pal, James Cullen aka the Accidental Cajun:

The Four Opossums of the Snowpocalypse.

— James Cullen (@AccidentalCajun) January 24, 2014

I cannot top that. Here’s some music from the north country to warm the cockles of your heart:

3 thoughts on “#Sneauxmageddon Not

  1. Well, it’s not snowmageddon, and not even as much the more substantial snowfalls in 2010 and (if I remember right) 2008…but we are gettin sleet and freezing rain, which sucks…very glad they called off work and I won’t have to drive/deal on the roads with the winter amateurs.
    My cat’s spending as little time on the non-carpeted floor as possible…raised house, as you’ve said before means cold floors.
    Haven’t seen a possum or raccoon yet, but they’re in downtown BR, too. A while back I had to pay more than I wanted to a guy to chase away a raccoon who’d managed to take up residence in the attic. Ugh

  2. My friends in other parts of the country are writing to see if I’m okay. So far just cold rain in Bayou Land, with a possibility of ice pellets. I sometimes see possums here in the wilds of small town suburbia even during the summer.

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