NOLA Notes: Nagin in the dock

Given our long and inglorious history of corruption and chicanery, it’s odd that C Ray Nagin is the first New Orleans Mayor ever indicted on corruption charges. Jury selection for his trial starts today at the federal courthouse downtown. I thought that he was going to cop a plea but he hasn’t as of yet. It’s typical, C Ray is known as a gambler and a dumbass; the Les Miles of politicians. This is a roll of the dice, which could lead to an epic jail sentence if it craps out. Just ask Dollar Bill Jefferson or former NOLA council cretin Renee Gill-Pratfall about that.

Judge Ginger Berrigan has banned texting-n-tweetingfrom the courtroom, so I’m uncertain if there will be any live accounts. But there’s still bound to be a whole lot of tweetin’ goin’ on and this appears to be the main trial hashtag: #nagintrial. I’ll update that if it changes.

I may have time to drop in on the trial at some point. I’m not sure if I’ll try and sneak some tweets in though. One thing I learned in law school was NEVER PISS OFF THE JUDGE.