NOLA Notes: The Day After

It’s been all C Ray all the time since he was convicted on 20 of 21 counts yesterday. In the NOLA newspaper war, the Advocate routed the locally clueless team at the Sometimes-Picayune. The best wrap up of the trial and Nagin’s oddball career was written by former Picayune city editor Gordon Russell. Now that I think of it, Picayune alums *won* the coverage, including Advocate columnist Stephanie Grace and WWL-TV investigator David Hammer.In contrast, the vestigial Picayune had an “entrepreneurship, tourism, and business” content provider as part of their courtroom team. I guess it’s their version of keeping the brand out there as C Ray once put it.

For other C Rayisms, there’s a pretty good Wikiquote pagechock-full-o-them. I may have to add some when I get the chance. They missed the time he threatened to “cold cock” teevee reporter Lee Zurik aka Lee Eyebrows.

On an even lighter note, WWNO, one of our public radio stations, has informed us that the zany folks at Next Media Animation in Taiwan have turned their attention to C Ray’s conviction:

My only criticism of the animation is that C Ray’s head is insufficiently shiny.

That is all.

One thought on “NOLA Notes: The Day After

  1. As I commented below, in 2002 the NOLA mayoral election wasn’t exactly covered by BR media, but…if “political outsider” was Nagin’s focus back then…well, first, he learned at least some of the more sordid elements of political insiderism quickly enough.
    But I’ve never been a fan of promoting political outsiderism for its own sake. Sure, it’s possible for an outsider to achieve if not excel, but it would take a lot to convince me that success is because of that. It seems far more likely you’ll get either high-handedness that alienates people, or a rapid enough descent into the kind of stuff Nagin is now convicted of…

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