Friday Ferretblogging


Sleepy Claire. She’s been a lot more active of late, playing with Bucky who she previously only tolerated. I think she realizes he’s been a bit miffed at the attention diverted from him to the other fuzzy needy critter in the house, and she’s trying to fill the gap.

We have let the ferrets “meet” Kick, by the way, in the sense that we’ve held them both and let the ferrets sniff at her. She can’t really see them or reach for them yet, so there’s not much to gain from interaction until she can pet them at least a bit. For their part, they don’t seem terribly interested in her, since she isn’t either playing with them or feeding them. I think in time they’ll all be pals, but it’s too early yet for games of “chase the ferret around the dining room table.”