Welcome to Dizneylandrieu

Greetings from the Gentrified Kingdom. The Krewe du Vieux parade was last Saturday. My sub-krewe, Spank, was the hit of the parade. We satirized Mayor Mitch Landrieu who is presiding over a city that is rapidly gentrifying and getting more and more Dizneyfied.

Spank received rave reviews for our float and costumes but it was the map to Dizneylandrieu that was the smash of the parade. Here’s what Rex Duke of the Gambit had to say about my group:

The evening’s gold medal, however (and perhaps Carnival’s gold medal) had to go to SPANK’s “Dizneylandrieu,” a float featuring “Mitchey Mayor” wearing mouse ears and a “New Orleans Will” T-shirt in front of a St. Louis Cathedral that had been transformed into Disney’s Cinderella’s Castle.

A few dozen “Mitchkateers” accompanied the float, handing out brochures that detailed the many lands in “Dizneylandrieu” (Mitchey’s Toon Town, Jacked-Up Square, Crotch Country and HIpsterland among them), with rides like “Big Freedia’s Bounce That Ass House,” the “NOPD Brass Band Beat Down,” “Rich Hippies in WholePaycheckLand,” “Marlin’s Playhouse,” “The Enchanted Mimi Room Angry Neighbor Jamboree” and “It’s a White World, Sponsored by Mitchey Mayor.”

The most important thing to know about Krewe du Vieux is that the parade is hand made by the individual sub-krewes. Below are some pictures of the map to Dizneylandrieu taken by my friend and krewe mate, Clay (Noladishu) Kirby.

Dizneylandrieu Map 1

Dizneylandrieu Map2

But if you want to actually *read* the map, the Gambit blog has posted some hi-res PDFsthat you can download and peruse at your leisure. The whole enterprise was a collaborative effort, but the lion’s share of the credit for the throw of throws belongs to Wendar the Magnificent, Spank’s mad genius and “creative dick.” I did, however, contribute some one-liners and zingers.

My old blogger buddy and Humid City publisher Loki, joined us as a ref. Loki is, uh, a Google glasshole and shot this year’s stumble from a marchers perspective:

Here’s a picture of this year’s Spank swag taken by my friend Luna Nola. She’s on a family mission of mercy so Dr. A sent her a Spanky care package:

Spank 2014

Finally, here’s a close up of our hookers and blow name tag button:

Hookers and Blow

Talk about right up Jude’s alley.

That is all.