Weekend Question Thread

Trip to outer space, or to the bottom of the ocean?

(If “both” was not an option.)


13 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. No contest: outer space.
    At the bottom of the ocean you can’t see more than few metres even with lights.

  2. MichaelF says:

    Agree with spork incident. But if the alternative was a submarine roaming through the global shallows…hmmm…that’d be a difficult choice. Zero gravity/free fall might be fun for a few minutes, but I hear it gets in the way of stuff like eating/drinking, and I like to do both. Plus I really like visiting large aquariums — have been to the one in New Orleans, also Monterrey California, and Shedd’s…I can — and did — spend hours.
    But I also LOVE viewing land forms from altitude. In an airplane I’ll choose a window even over an exit row if it’s an aisle (and I’m taller than average)…
    Hmmm…ok, coin flip. Heads, space, tails, sub.
    Came up space.

  3. idiosynchronic says:

    Space. Both will kill you in 10 seconds flat, but all the things mentioned above make space far more interesting.
    . . and damn it, there’ll be thunderclaps and rainbows!

  4. idiosynchronic says:

    Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Feel the effects GIF!

  5. Gummo says:


  6. joel hanes says:

    If I could accompany Capt. Nemo on the spacious, elegant, and comfortable Nautilus — the deeps. Otherwise, neither. (I’ve developed a bit of claustrophobia as I’ve aged.)
    British Columbia, Alberta, the not-yet-logged parts of Ontario, the Brooks Range.

  7. adrastos says:

    Space baby, you got no plaaanet:

  8. Doc says:

    Neither. I’m claustrophobic as crap and there’s no way I’m in a tin can where I can’t get out and… Christ, I’m sweating just thinking about this. NEW QUESTION!!!!

  9. adrastos says:

    Dive, Doc, dive. Note: It’s Carnival so I’m wasted and a buzz is a terrible thing to waste or summat like that.

  10. pansypoo says:

    neither. rather do europe. better nosh.

  11. thebewilderness says:

    I already went down in a diving bell and it was very kewel so I would take the tardis out and out and out

  12. FeralLiberal says:

    Bang, zoom, to the moon! When I was a kid I’d hoped that one day I’d experience weightlessness and thought there would be a good chance of that happening. Now that seems unlikely, other than the time I jumped out of an airplane, but that’s different.

  13. azportsider says:

    Bottom of the ocean. I’d like to know what’s there before we manage to fuck it up too.

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