Quote Of The Day: Cum On Feel The Noize Edition

New Orleans has been having an endless and rather tiresome debate over a proposed noise ordinance. What should have been a technical discussion has turned into a shouting match over which side is more highly evolved and moral. There have been allegations of threats, intimidation, and general nastiness. It sounds like pulp fiction, which is why I posted it today.

The killer quote comes from an article in the New York Times by Campbell Robertson:

With the goal of a revised citywide ordinance delayed, the city, like a bachelor party without a plan, decided to start with Bourbon Street.
Since all bad things start with Bourbon Street, that’s highly appropriate. Anyway, Campbell who is an acquaintance of mine, nailed the story, which saved him from being subjected to another NOLA oversensitivity meme like the guy who wrote this piece. Sometimes, I wish we would just get over ourselves and get back to basics, sort of like this classic tune:
While we’re at it, here’s a version by Oasis: