Arcane Phrase Of The Week: Culinary Edition

As a New Orleanian, I spend a lot of time thinking and talking about food. Every conversation here will eventually turn to food, glorious food. Growing up in a Greek family was similar, which is one reason I assimilated here so rapidly. That's why I think this Victorian term for OTT extravagance should be revived:

Butter upon bacon

Usage: I think that putting glitter on that beaded shirt is a bit too butter upon bacon.

This one is a potential winner, I can see it sweeping the foodie scene. Hopefully, the dread Guy Fieri won't pick it up but you gotta take the bitter with the sweet sometimes.

3 thoughts on “Arcane Phrase Of The Week: Culinary Edition

  1. hmm, seems a waste of butter. now, browned butter + bacon. but can’t think of what you mix that with. each is a singular yummy.

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