5 thoughts on “Kissed Off In Dallas

  1. Wait, there’s now LOCAL versions of these panel opinion shows?
    I cut the cable years ago, but apparently I need to also burn or smash the antenna too.

  2. Sigh. If Michael Sam had shot the white guy, it wouldn’t even be news. But a kiss is enough to send some people stark raving crazy. Some days I weep for humanity.

  3. I like how they kept calling her on it — how she wouldn’t have objected if it had been a football player kissing his girl friend or wife — and how she kept weaseling out of answering that question, or else out-right lying.

  4. I’ve been amazed at all the RWNJ commenters who know they can’t attack him on race or sexual orientation – so instead they’re saying how any news should be about how he plays football. They can’t stand that this big step has happened.

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