Kissed Off In Dallas

A Dallas teevee personality stormed off the set of her showafter scrapping with her co-hosts over the Michael Sam kiss. She didn’t like it. I’m actually pleasantly surprised the show has two hosts who supported Sam. That’s right, y’all, liberals in the capital city of wingnuttia.

5 thoughts on “Kissed Off In Dallas

  1. Kevin says:

    This show is funnier than anything SNL has done lately.

  2. idiosynchronic says:

    Wait, there’s now LOCAL versions of these panel opinion shows?
    I cut the cable years ago, but apparently I need to also burn or smash the antenna too.

  3. Lee says:

    Sigh. If Michael Sam had shot the white guy, it wouldn’t even be news. But a kiss is enough to send some people stark raving crazy. Some days I weep for humanity.

  4. delagar says:

    I like how they kept calling her on it — how she wouldn’t have objected if it had been a football player kissing his girl friend or wife — and how she kept weaseling out of answering that question, or else out-right lying.

  5. maplestreet says:

    I’ve been amazed at all the RWNJ commenters who know they can’t attack him on race or sexual orientation – so instead they’re saying how any news should be about how he plays football. They can’t stand that this big step has happened.

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