Album Cover Art Wednesday: Quicksilver

We’re staying in San Francisco with this week’s LP cover. Quicksilver Messenger Service was one of the original jam bands; best known for their dual lead guitar attack featuring John Cipollina and Gary Duncan. By the release of this album in 1971, Cipollina was gone and the band had a poppier-n-folkier sound featuring the vocal stylings of Gino Valenti. It’s one of their better efforts and more accessible than some of their 47 minute jams, man. It was, however, a commercial failure and sank without a trace.

I’ve always liked the cover of Quicksilver but cannot for the life of me find out who did the artwork. And all I can make out from the cover is B Olson. That’s for the birds, y’all:


Here’s the LP via YouTube. It’s a strong collection of songs, so give it a spin or is that a click?