A Schiff In Strategy

I, for one, am glad that Nancy Smash named some Dems to sit on the Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi select committee. As intellectually satisfying as a boycott might have been, it would have ceded the field to Trey Gowdy and the Alex Jones fans out there.

There has been some disappointment that Alan Grayson wasn’t named to the committee but Elijah Cumming is a proven badass who has been making Darrell Issa look like a fool for years. I agree that Grayson would have been entertaining as all get out, but it would have allowed the MSM to talk about hyper-partisanship, yadda, yadda, yadda.

That brings me to the post title.Congressman Adam Schiffis a foreign policy heavyweight who happens to share a name with the *original* fictional DA on the *original*Law & Order played by Steven Hill. It’s a pity that Congresscritter Adam Schiff can’t bring in Briscoe and Logan to investigate. That would be appropriate since the Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi “case” is equally fictional. Actually, it’s much less plausible as many of those stories were famously “ripped from the headlines.”

This Adam Schiff was originally (there’s that word again) in favor of boycotting the committee but changed his mind, which was a sound strategic Schiff…

Here’s Rachel Maddow’s piece on the select committee featuring an interview with Mr. Schiff:

3 thoughts on “A Schiff In Strategy

  1. I wouldn’t have minded Grayson on the committee, but I’ve said a few times that this is the sort of yeoman’s work – no glamour, no glory, no perks – that moves a young Representative up the ladder. Doing the distasteful slog, keeping the “investigation” on the up and up, and criticizing the cynical actions of the Republicans looking to exploit this incident for political gain, is a good way to show leadership qualities.

  2. @A: Could be fun.
    @G: I think Cummings is the man for the job. He has credibility whereas Grayson is seen as a showboat by the leadership and media.

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