Only Talking Nonsense

The NBA Finals are perhaps my favorite sports event of the year. Hardcore hoops fans have been hoping for a rematch between the Heat and Spurs and we got it. Game One was close until the Spurs blew it after the building's air dish went out, and, as a result of the extreme heat, Lebron James had severe leg cramps and couldn't play during crunch time. That's where the Twitter malakatude started.

There seem to be a lot of people practicing medicine without a license on the Tweeter Tube, They were shocked, shocked that Lebron left the game and didn't "man up" like Michael Jordan when he famously played through the flu against Mail Fraud Malone and the Utah Jazz in the 1997 Finals. The difference is that Lebron could barely walk, let alone run. Obviously, none of these manly men has ever had leg cramps. Additionally, Michael Jordan is sui generis, and he could stand up without collapsing that night.

This whole sorry episode is another example of stupid sports hate. Folks rooting for Miami were sympathetic to Lebron, the pro-Spurs crowd was ranting about Lebron's alleged wussiness. I am emphatically pro-Spurs, I love the way they play the game BUT I've had leg cramps and it's impossible to do anything when having severe spasms. 

The blame for the loss should go to Lebron's team mates. Tony (The French Guy) Parker went down in Game 6 of the Western Finals and his team rallied to beat the Zombie Sonics. It's what great teams do. This could be a sign that the Spurs will win the series, but I'd never count Lebron James out.

I'll once again give the Finn Brothers the last word, this time with a live version of the tune that inspired the post title:


3 thoughts on “Only Talking Nonsense

  1. That has been my argument about many of the other teams we play. If you can’t win a game without that ONE guy, you are doing it wrong. The Spurs have won all season without Tony, Tim, and Manu at various times. Sure, we are way better when everyone is healthy, but we can do it without one and even sometimes more than one being out for the game. Would we win vs Heat? Yeah, I think so. The Spurs ARE going to win this series. LeBron whined after the last game we won against them during the regular season and said his shirt sleeves were too tight. Whatever, we don’t want to listen to him make excuses is all, and he always seems to do so. He’s a great player, but it is a team sport.

  2. Having also dealt with significant leg cramps, I understand. Ouch. Just about as bad a pain as it gets. I’ve lost lots of sleep that way…
    Also had the unpleasant experience of a forearm cramp this weekend after an extended amount of outdoor yard work. Ugh. A couple of fingers on my left hand wouldn’t uncurl for what seemed like forever, even if it was only about ten minutes or so.
    As for the Finals — I’m an ABA fan, so I tend to root for old ABA teams like the Spurs…though when they won their first title in 1999 versus the Knicks, it was upsidedown world: with Ewing out, they played uptempo/small ball, while the Spurs were twin towers that year. Strange.

  3. I had just read on CNN that it has apparently become some sort of internet viral meme to make videos of yourself pretending to have cramps. (Kind of like the South Park episode on Planking / Owling / Faith Hilling / TBowing / Olong Johnsoning / etc.)
    Just seems extremely poor taste. Seems like it would be very easy for him in a game to sweat and get his electrolytes out of balance.

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