A Very Thoughtful Guy

All his thoughts are about murdering kittens, but hey: 

Toobin asked, “Is listening to Dick Cheney like listening to an arsonist on fire preventin?” CNN counterterrorism analyst Philip Mudd admitted while Cheney’s “always claiming the sky is falling,” he’s a “very thoughtful guy” and so people shouldn’t be “ignoring the message because we don’t like the messenger.”

What "message" would that be? 


4 thoughts on “A Very Thoughtful Guy

  1. Hmmm…drop “thought” and add “ofshit” to thoughtful, and he’d be getting warmer…
    If you ask me, Toobin’s being pretty restrained in comparing Dick to an arsonist. A more apt comparison might be like asking Hannibal Lecter for favorite recipes, or UC Davis Officer Pike on how to deal with peaceful demonstrators.

  2. Philip Mudd is linked to CIA torture. CNN needs to top calling him anything but a war criminal.

  3. If he is always claiming the sky is falling, then he isn’t a thoughtful person. Period.
    Someone can thoughtfully consider the situation and then point out the problems. But a Johnny One Note whose only tune is “the sky is falling” and the only response is “bomb country x” is a person with a hammer (where the whole world looks like a nail).
    Not only that, but Cheney parroted pappy GHWB that entering Iraq would stick us in a quagmire and open the area to terrorism under the Sunni vs. Shia labels. But 8 years later he didn’t listen to his own advice. Not to mention that rather than being thoughtful and taking into account the concerns of those against and protesting entering Iraq, he didn’t listen or consider their rationales but instead made sure they were labelled as anti-Americans and hinted at them being arrested for treason.
    He also stated on multiple occasions that the Iraqis would throw flowers at our feet (but without the IEDs inside of them) and that Iraqi oil profits would pay for the war (funny thing, we bombed their infrastructure into the stone ages and couldn’t understand why noting was coming out of the pipes. Then as limited parts of the infrastructure were rebuilt, the Iraqis had the audacity to think that they should get the profit from their oil).
    The only “good” he did was make sure Halliburton walked away with new pipelines from Afghanistan and a profit of (was it) 40 bill from Iraq.

  4. Any chance, as a sign of good will and thankfulness to the USA govt, that Halliburton will give part of that 40 bill to the US Treasury to help pay the govt for part of our losses in Iraq ?

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