Friday Guest Catblogging: Mardi Gras Devil Cat

We spent part of our wet, cold Mardi Gras day with our friends Jeffrey and Chris who preside over the Krewe of Pants and Muffin. That’s what I call it at least; nobody else does. Speaking of baked goods, here’s their cat Biscuit looking all demonic as Jeff cowers behind him:

MG Devil Cat

4 thoughts on “Friday Guest Catblogging: Mardi Gras Devil Cat

  1. liprap says:

    Biscuit’s a sweet li’l devil.

  2. adrastos says:

    Yeah but he’s been hanging out with Grandpa too much.

  3. BlackSheep1 says:

    now that is a substantial feline.

  4. the cat is so cool, very nice

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