Mad Men Thread: Withdrawal Symptoms


If you're like me, you're Jonesing for more Mad Men after seeing a mere half season in 2014. Now we have to wait a full fucking year for more. I cannot help you there, but I can share some links to some of the best Mad Men writing on the interweb to keep you going in between seasons. What's great about the show is that it lends itself to varying interpretations, which is why it's so damn fun to write about. There are some very good writers and online publications posting about Mad Men. I'll post some links after the break, but first a message from the Sterlings:

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Slate's TV Club: The good people at Slate have been posting about quality teevee shows for a very long time. This year's Mad Men group of Willa Paksin, Seth Stevenson, and Julia Turner has been consistently entertaining even if,  like most of us in the MM punditocracy, they've missed some things and gotten others wrong. Oh well, nobody's perfect. Here's ye olde LINK.

Salon: Former Salon staffer Heather Havrilesky has written some superb recaps this season even though I've often diagreed with her take. It's inevitable, I see the show as a child of the 60's. Plus Matthew Weiner is forever messing with us.

Alan Sepinwall: He's the grandaddy of teevee recappers and wrote the classic book, The Revolution Was Televised, about the recent golden age of teevee. Mad Men is, of course, prominently featured in the book and in his weekly recaps and features.

Grantland: Bill Simmons' online publication is about more than just sports. They have a thriving popular culture side, which features Mad Men recaps by Andy Greenwald and Molly Lambert as well as weekly power rankings by Mark Lisanti.

Vulture: The cultural blog of New York Magazine has extensive Mad Men coverage including recaps by another Salon alum, Matt Zoeller Seitz, and some outstanding features including a recent one from Margaret Lyons, The Complete History Of Don and Peggy's Relationship on Mad Men. It's probably only for obsessives but what can I tell ya?

This list far from comprehensive. If you have any additions, please leave a comment.

I'll give Robert Morse as Bert Cooper (who else?) the last word:


5 thoughts on “Mad Men Thread: Withdrawal Symptoms

  1. Try Tom & Lorenzo’s Mad Style:
    It’s primarily a fashion blog but T&L also do recaps of TV shows they like, including Mad Men. But what their followers really love is the “Mad Style” post that comes out a day or two after each Mad Men episode recap, in which T&L talk about how the show’s set designers and costumers help to tell the story.

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  3. Mark and Amanda have been doing GREAT analysis in their MM postmortems, “The Orange Couch”. They often edit in video which is of the era when particular episodes are taking place, giving the Couch’s cultural analysis extra juice. Here’s their analysis of the season-closer, which I’ll finally be seeing in a day or two so NO SPOILERS:
    This is the go-to place for MM speculation for my wife and I.

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